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Counseling at FREEDOM

FREEDOM Therapies, Inc. is currently accepting new clients for counseling services. We provide tailored therapy services to individuals, couples, and families for a variety of mental health struggles, relationship complications, and management of life's difficulties that arise from being human. Our Marriage and Family Intern, Mr. Trevin, is currently under supervision from a Licensed Professional Counselor/Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist as he completes his Master's in Counseling, and is able to offer highly-competitive rates to his clients. He has several years of clinical experience with adults and children with and without special needs. He has worked to help clients struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD/trauma, relationship issues, social skills deficits, and more find healing and grow to be the unique creation they were made to be. Please see below for information on the different counseling types offered and the rates per session. We hope to hear from you today to start your journey to being a more healthy, unique you!

Mental Health Counseling

Individualized counseling for any individual conducted in a 1:1 format or integrated into direct ABA therapy sessions using evidence-based strategies for increasing emotional regulation, social skills, and coping skills. Individual counseling targets, but is not limited to: Identification of individual strengths, decreasing troubling emotions/thoughts/behaviors, psychoeducation on regulation/coping techniques, communication strategies, relationship dynamics, and/or antecedent strategies/scaffolding for everyday implementation. Individual counseling is designed to promote healthy and stable functioning for the individual in everyday life.

$20 per session

Marriage and Family Therapy

Individualized counseling for parent(s), caregiver(s), or sibling(s) of individuals living with a special need, in addition to counseling services provided to two or more members of the same family unit using evidence-based strategies. Family counseling services target, but are not limited to, communication strategies, relationship dynamics, individual strengths, and/or antecedent strategies/scaffolding that are designed to promote a healthy and stable environment in which the members of the family may thrive.

Family Counseling: $25 per session

Couples Counseling: $30 per session

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