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Love working with individuals with disabilities? Interested in becoming an individual with BACB credential? Want to become an Registered Behavior Technician, Assistant Behavior Analyst, or Behavior Analyst? Needing supervision to meet the current BACB standards for BCBA supervision? FREEDOM Therapies is proud to offer on-the-job training to meet the requirements for any of these credentials. Head on over to the Our Team tab and get more information in joining in with our amazing team. You'll be paired up with one of our outstanding mentors (who have completed the required supervisor training and have at least 1 year of in the field experience) to help you grow into the best professional you can be in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. 


Not looking for a work home? No worries! FREEDOM Therapies offers contractual supervision for individuals seeking credentialing or seeking to meet the 2022 BACB requirements for supervision. You will be paired with an individual meeting the BACB supervision requirements, have an individualized action plan to meet your credentialing goal, and hopefully have a new mentor in the field for the rest of your career. 

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