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Our F.R.E.E.D.O.M. approach

Family Resources- Collaborating with families by providing Individual and Small Group Parent Training, disseminating information about appropriate community resources, and actively engaging in professional relationships with other providers in the community to provide a network of active and compassionate resources  


Education- Individualized and evidence-based ABA Therapy focused on language development, independent self-care and home care tasks, and social development to replace behaviors that impact an individual’s ability to engage with their everyday environment 


Engagement- Active dissemination and integration of the evidence-based tools of applied behavior analysis to community partners, such as educators, extracurricular activity providers, medical providers (i.e., pediatricians, dentists, optometrists, etc.), parenting/adoption agencies, first responders, and other community resources 


Discipleship- Individualized  and intentional mentorship of individuals pursuing growth in the field of applied behavior analysis or other related medical fields through shadowing, interning, and career development opportunities


Organization- Training and collaborative implementation of strategies for creating active and effective learning environments for children with special needs 


MovementIntegration of the evidence-based practices of applied behavior analysis with movement-based extracurricular activities

Diversity and Inclusion in Practice

FREEDOM Therapies celebrates a diverse and inclusive environment that respects the experiences of every client and employee. FREEDOM Therapies believes the uniqueness of each employee contributes to the most effective treatment teams and empowers opportunities for innovation and mentorship by encouraging diversity and inclusion through our hiring and onboarding practices, ongoing cultural humility training, representation in marketing efforts, and representation in teaching materials. Every individual is invited to bring their authentic self to the FREEDOM Therapies community.

It is the policy of FREEDOM Therapies, Inc. to provide communication aids (at no cost to the person being served) to Limited English Proficient (LEP) persons, including current and potential clients and family members to ensure them a meaningful opportunity to apply for, receive or participate in, or benefit from the services offered. 

FREEDOM Therapies, Inc. will take such steps as are necessary to ensure that qualified persons with disabilities, including those with impaired sensory or speaking skills, receive effective notice concerning benefits or services or written material concerning waivers of rights or consent to treatment. All aids needed to provide this notice are provided without cost to the person being served. 

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