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FREEDOMs Mission and Values

Training for Everyday Teachable Moments

FREEDOM Therapies, Inc. strives to create a compassionate and inclusive environment for individuals with disabilities and their families where everyday learning is naturally integrated into each moment through community engagement and education.

Values that Drive Our Interactions


Every individual has a daily impact that will grow another individual through strategic and intentional interactions while creating a community of support


Focus on individual and world change that makes an eternal impact through every interaction and session provided


Collaboration to push therapeutic services to unfathomable arenas in order to make an inclusive world


Each individual has key strengths that contribute to the most effective treatment team


To create implementable and generalizable behavior change that universally impacts each individual, their family, and their community through natural integration and dissemination

Freedom in Individuality

You were uniquely created for a purpose. 


FREEDOM Therapies celebrates a diverse and inclusive environment that respects the experiences of every client and employee. FREEDOM Therapies believes the uniqueness of each individual contributes to the most effective treatment teams and empowers opportunities for innovation and mentorship. Every Individual is invited to bring their authentic self to the FREEDOM Therapies community.

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