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Helpful Tips About Insurance

1. Contact your insurance provider through the number on your insurance card to learn about your plan's specific coverage information for ABA Therapy. Some insurance policies have medical caps and limitations to coverage locations. Be sure to know your policy. If you need any guidance, we are available to assist you in determining your coverage by contacting us at


2. Having your documentation up to date and ready for services can help assist with a smooth transition into ABA Therapy. Most insurances require the following documentation to initiate ABA Services:

A) An Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis within the past 5 years

B) An Adaptive Behavior Assessment, such as the Vineland or the ABAS, within the previous 1 year

C) A Cognitive/Developmental Assessment within the previous 3 years

D) An updated wellness visit within the previous 1 year 

E) A pediatrician referral for ABA Services


*If your child is enrolled in early intervention services through their school or has an IEP/504 plan with their school, you can check their eligibility report for results of assessments conducted for both B and C. 


3. Initial ABA Assessment service approval takes a minimum of two weeks to secure from insurance. Following your meeting to discuss assessment results with the ABA provider, an additional two weeks are required for approval by insurance for coverage of ABA Therapy services deemed medically necessary. 


4. Insurance and evidence-based practice requires parent involvement throughout the treatment process. 


5. Your insurance provider can give you a list of resources for assessment and other service providers in the area who take your insurance.


6. There are grants available from agencies like the Autism Society of Alabama and Autism Speaks to help cover costs of ABA Therapy outside of your insurance coverage.

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