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Additional Funding Resources

Resources from the community to assist in covering the cost of therapeutic services

Community Grants

The Autism Society of Alabama offers families up to $250 for ABA services, swim lessons, and respite care. 

Ady's Army is a local Non-Profit Organization who offers financial assistance for coverage of ABA for select organizations throughout the year

Autism Speaks offers families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder a wide variety of financial support for various therapeutic and Daily Needs. 

The Daily Grant

FREEDOM Therapies is excited to offer an annual grant to assist families in the Birmingham community in covering the cost of a communication or physical device for an individual living with any form of intellectual, developmental, or physical disability. Eligible families can apply; selected families will be notified.


 This grant is in honor of those who supported FREEDOM Therapies in becoming a daily resource for the families we serve.


Keep an eye out for application information in the Fall of 2023. 

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